The environmental impact of our construction projects is just as important to us as any other project consideration.

As an ISO14001 certified company, we are committed to clear and unwavering objectives that are simple and measurable. We accept that construction is an energy and material resource heavy process, but we recognize that we always have the opportunity to improve on a project’s sustainability.

How are we performing?

2021 Number of sites: 36 Total Tonnes Removed: 144l Recycled: 97.55% Recovered: 2.44% Landfill: 0%

UC Build sustainable construction

Our Sustainability Improvement Promise

Natural resources impact
Minimise consumption of energy and water; effectively manage services products and waste.
Reduce CO2 emissions
Maximise efficiency; consider life cycle of our services and products.
Sustainable procurement process
Responsible material sourcing; local resources; recyclable content of materials and packaging; reusability of materials.
Control waste
To target 99% on our sites is diverted from Landfill.
Community engagement
Ensure minimal impact on the local living environment; Partnership with the Considerate Constructors Scheme; Consider and reduce water resources.
Record our carbon footprint
Seek to reduce year over year.
Reducing single use plastic.

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